I Amsterdam

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how often I’ve been to Amsterdam, but I never grow tired of it!

I went there last week and decided to make a quick stop at the Rijksmuseum, because I had never realised they had an Andy Warhol painting as well. No matter how often I’ve been to a museum, I always see new things and I think that’s the beauty of it too. You don’t have to see everything at once, you can’t anyway. I always try to see one wing at a time, then I have a coffee and contemplate about what I’ve just seen.

As we all know, Andy Warhol loved royals… There are the beautiful paintings of Queen Elizabeth II (which she bought herself two years ago- so she must have liked them too!), but he painted a gorgeous portret of the Dutch queen Beatrix as well:


The only thing I was not too happy about was the position the Rijksmuseum chose to place it, as you can see the light is not too great, and the elevators are situated in the same “room”.

Later that day, when I was having my coffee at the Rijksmuseum, I realised how important the placement of pieces of art is in, and for, a museum. It can really make or break a piece, but luckily some artists are so great that their paintings will stand out even a simple hallway.

Have you ever been to the Rijksmuseum? If so, what did you love most about it?

xxxxxx Valérie


Beautiful Milano

I am currently in Milan and boy, what a great city this is! The food, the fashion, the art, the architecture.. I can’t seem to decide which of these things I adore most about this city. I try to walk through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II as often as I can.

So impressive! There's an amazing Prada store in this Galleria as well.

So impressive! There’s an amazing Prada store in this Galleria as well.

Friends had told me that the Duomo is even more impressive at night, so I decided to go there after my Aperitivo (I wish I could have one everyday!):

El Duomo Milano

And I completely agree!

xoxo Valérie

ps: I am in love with this painting by Francesco Hayez, it’s called “Il Bacio/The Kiss”

You can find it in Pinacoteca di Brera, it's a museum with beautiful art!

You can find it in Pinacoteca di Brera, it’s a museum with beautiful art

Golden Globes 2014 Dreams & Nightmares

As always, the Golden Globes award red carpet moment did not disappoint. I was really impressed by some of the outfits (Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive- just wow, Emilia Clarke in Proenza Schouler, Amy Adams in Maison Valentino), but Paula Paton’s dress (there was just too much of everything in her outfit) and Lena Dunham’s (very few of us can pull off yellow, myself not included) were not so impressive.

All in all there were no real surprises, truly inspiring or special creations, so I have high hopes that the Oscars will bring us much more fashion wise (I would love to see something like that gorgeous Dior dress Jennifer Lawrence wore last year).